Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer is one of popular culture’s “tough guys”. No matter what happens Jack somehow manages to survive and “get the bad guy”.

McFarlane toys have been producing TV and film inspired collectibles over the last few years. One of the shows that they paid tribute to was, of course, 24 with two Jack Bauer figures in action. Unfortunately they aren’t being produced anymore, but several online shops, including eBay, will help you find them if you’re that way inclined.

Jack Bauer kicking in a door:
24's Jack Bauer kicking in a doorOr how about this one? Jack Bauer with his characteristic satchel aiming his gun:
24's Jack Bauer with gun and satchelWhile the figures are pretty cool I’m not 100% sure if I’d want to have Jack on my mantlepiece…

Entertainment Earth stocks one of the figures at the moment, but you may have to try eBay for the other one.

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