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Azio luxury keyboard

A Completely Over the top Luxury Keyboard

I love perusing the gadgets on Kickstarter and IndieGogo. While some of them are nice, others are so completely over the top that you have to admit they’re almost worth buying. And yes, I have been known to splurge on some of them in the past. Today’s find is this completely over the top keyboard. […]

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Death Star Measuring Cups

If you’re a Star Wars fan AND you like cooking then maybe this might appeal to you. You too can measure your flour and other ingredients using these Death Star measuring cups: When they’re not in use they all fit neatly together and can all be stored in the Death Star (obviously) The measuring cups […]

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Volkswagen bus key ring with wall mounted garage

VW Camper Van Key Chain

The classic Volkswagen camper van / bus is probably best remembered in popular culture as a hippy icon. I have vague recollections of various friends of the family still driving them in the early 1980s, though these days you’re more likely to see one in an automobile museum than on the road. So this gimmicky […]

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Want A Thunderstorm In Your Living Room?

While many of us probably don’t enjoy storms that much one designer thought that bringing a storm into people’s living rooms was a good idea. Well, sort of. Designer Richard Clarkson has created a thunderstorm cloud lamp: Or if the animated gif isn’t clear enough, here’s a video of it in action: You can read […]

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Bicycle Pump Redesigned

Bicycle Pump Redesigned

Bicycle pumps aren’t exciting or sexy, but they are a pain in the neck to lug around or forget when you need one. PostPump might solve the problem, as it’s builtin to the bicycle saddle: The technical specs: Integrated flip-to-fit Presta/Schrader valve adapter Only 40 strokes to reach 50 psi in a 20″ × 1.5″ […]

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Tetris Light

Tetris is a very simple yet addictive game. Now you can light up your living room using a Tetris light, which, like the game, allows you to expand and build the light using blocks The box comes with 7 blocks, which you can fit together how you wish. As you connect the blocks they light […]

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Balls of Steel and Bag

Balls of Steel

If you like whiskey, or other spirits, you probably enjoy drinking them cold. But adding ice means that not only do you end up watering down your drink, which might not be such a wonderful idea if it’s a rare whiskey, but you also have to have a tray of ice cubes to hand. My […]

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