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Balls of Steel and Bag

Balls of Steel

If you like whiskey, or other spirits, you probably enjoy drinking them cold. But adding ice means that not only do you end up watering down your drink, which might not be such a wonderful idea if it’s a rare whiskey, but you also have to have a tray of ice cubes to hand. My […]

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Give Ulster Bank Cards A Purpose

If you’re a guitarist and you like the idea of being environmentally friendly, or maybe you bank with Ireland’s Ulster Bank, then this gadget is for you: It’s a bit like a hole punch, except it’s for making plectrums for guitarists .. Here’s the official blurb: With the Pickmaster Plectrum, much like a hole puncher, […]

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Catwoman Mimobot USB drive

Catwoman For Your Laptop Bag?

While this might not look like the new catwoman it certainly would make an interesting addition to any geek’s laptop bag.   The DC Comics inspired USB key series includes other characters, such as Batman and Robin, while other versions cover all the key characters from Star Wars. They come in a range of capacity […]

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Chargers Can Be Cool

Chargers Can Be Cool

If you use a lot of electronic gadgets you will end up with a lot of chargers and cables. It’s inevitable. Most chargers are functional and you’d have to really stretch your imagination to even consider them to be “cool” or “stylish”. Belkin, however, have come up with a functional, yet stylish, solution – the […]

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