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Folding Portable Guitar? Why not?

I’ll freely admit that my skills as a guitarist are pretty much non-existent and that I haven’t owned a guitar in over 20 years. However several of my friends play and some of them have been known to travel with their guitars. Travelling with a guitar isn’t the easiest, though obviously it’s simpler than travelling […]

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Fancy a Tractor in Your Sitting Room?

Upcycling has been popular for years. You take something old and make something new or interesting out of it. I’ve been looking for an “interesting” coffee table for a while so stumbled across this quite intriguing tractor based one over on Etsy. It’s made from part of a Massey Ferguson tractor, which if you were […]

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Geek Friendly Coffee Table

I’m currently in the market for a coffee table, so I’ve been keeping an eye out for interesting takes on what can become a centre piece in your sitting room. While there are plenty of traditional coffee tables on the market there are also a small number of more niche products that attempt to upgrade […]

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Fun Bookends

Bookends don’t need to be boring. Balvi make a nice range of bookends (and other items) that offer a bit of design and style. If you’re into Spanish literature then you might appreciate the Don Quixote inspired one: Or if you’re just into reading in general you might like this “librarian” style one: Or if […]

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Lord of the Rings Gandalf Prints

Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” has inspired artists for years. With the screen adaptation of both “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” by Peter Jackson the world of Middle Earth came to capture the imagination of an entirely new generation. So this weekend’s special limited release prints from Matt Ferguson is probably a bit […]

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Want A Thunderstorm In Your Living Room?

While many of us probably don’t enjoy storms that much one designer thought that bringing a storm into people’s living rooms was a good idea. Well, sort of. Designer Richard Clarkson has created a thunderstorm cloud lamp: Or if the animated gif isn’t clear enough, here’s a video of it in action: You can read […]

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Bicycle Pump Redesigned

Bicycle Pump Redesigned

Bicycle pumps aren’t exciting or sexy, but they are a pain in the neck to lug around or forget when you need one. PostPump might solve the problem, as it’s builtin to the bicycle saddle: The technical specs: Integrated flip-to-fit Presta/Schrader valve adapter Only 40 strokes to reach 50 psi in a 20″ × 1.5″ […]

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Tetris Light

Tetris is a very simple yet addictive game. Now you can light up your living room using a Tetris light, which, like the game, allows you to expand and build the light using blocks The box comes with 7 blocks, which you can fit together how you wish. As you connect the blocks they light […]

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