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klingon alphabet fridge magnets

Learn Klingon Alphabet With Fridge Magnets

If you’re a Star Trek fan you might find these fridge magnets tempting. The Klingon language was invented for the TV show and movies. They’d make a fun addition to the kitchen for a hardcore fan! Full details here. (If you want to read a bit about the background of it there’s an interesting wikipedia […]

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keyboard shaped waffle iron

Geeky Keyboard Waffles

I’ll have to admit that I’m not a big fan of waffles, though I will eat them from time to time. However this waffle iron piqued my interest, as its design is so incredibly geeky! The end product will, of course, look like a keyboard, which means it’s probably about double the size of a […]

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Death Star Measuring Cups

If you’re a Star Wars fan AND you like cooking then maybe this might appeal to you. You too can measure your flour and other ingredients using these Death Star measuring cups: When they’re not in use they all fit neatly together and can all be stored in the Death Star (obviously) The measuring cups […]

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Strawberry Slicer?

Cooking gadgets fascinate me. Some of them are very useful and innovative. Others are just plain dumb. I’m not 100% sure which category this falls into: It’s for slicing strawberries and other soft fruit. I’m trying to think how likely I’d be to use this more than once or twice before the novelty wore off. […]

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Darth Vader Ice Cubes

Darth Vader ice cubes? Yes – you can have those if you want them.. But if ice cubes aren’t your “thing” you can use the moulds to make chocolates – use dark chocolate and you can move closer to the dark side even! 🙂 More on them over on ThinkGeek  

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Embrace Spilt Milk

With this bowl you won’t be crying over spilt milk – you’ll be embracing it: It’s made out of silicone so you can probably treat it quite roughly without having to worry to much! More info here

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