The Ultimate Coffee Mug

I don’t function properly until I’ve had a couple of cups (or mugs) of coffee in the morning.
Of course the problem with coffee is that it tastes disgusting when it’s cold (unless you’re a real freak and actually enjoy cold coffee with milk…)

So what happens?

You grab your mug of coffee, put it on your desk and next thing the phone rings or you get otherwise distracted.

End result?

Your coffee gets cold before you get a chance to drink it and you accidentally end up getting a mouthful of cold brew.

Is there a solution?

Well you could use one of those coffee warmer things, but while I have one I don’t think the idea of constantly warming my coffee is that palatable. Sorry ! I just prefer my coffee fresh.

Another option is to use one of these special mugs:

Temperature Sensitive Mug

When the beverage is hot (or warm) it shows “on” and, naturally, when the drink (in my case coffee) cools then it changes to “off”.

Now the only problem I’d have is whether the mug would fit on our coffee machine or not ….

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