Fancy a Tractor in Your Sitting Room?

Upcycling has been popular for years. You take something old and make something new or interesting out of it. I’ve been looking for an “interesting” coffee table for a while so stumbled across this quite intriguing tractor based one over on Etsy.

It’s made from part of a Massey Ferguson tractor, which if you were brought up in the Irish countryside is a brand you’d definitely recognise!

tractor upcycled coffee table

They’reĀ  handmade from an original Massey Ferguson Tractor hood front end and headlights. It comes with a toughened glass table top, which solves the entire curved hood issue!

While I really love this design concept I think you’d need to have quite a large space for that kind of style table, which I unfortunately don’t. It might be more suited to bar or restaurant that’s looking to get that kind of cool retro vibe.

You can find out more on the listing here.



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