Lego Fan? Become a Lego Model – Yes, Really

Lego. We all grew up with it. Maybe we should have stopped playing with it when we got older, but it’s hard to. It’s so damn addictive.

A lot of my friends love Lego and some of them use their children as an excuse to keep buying Lego.

Personally I’ll just admit that I love the stuff and won’t even try to hide it.

But I’m not sure if I’d want to become a Lego figure. However if you really want to now you can courtesy of this Etsy seller.

Simply upload a few headshots of yourself, or your friend or family member and they’ll 3D print a custom Lego head based off the photos:

custom 3d printed lego head

I’m not sure if this is “cool” or just a little “creepy”, but either way if you want to go down this route now you can.

Full details here.

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