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Coffee + Star Wars = Perfection

I’m a coffee addict. I’ll freely admit it. As a result of my addiction I’ve ended up with both a nice collection of coffee mugs as well as a good range of different coffee making apparatus. Most of the coffee making equipment I have is more practical than aesthetic, though my recently acquired Kalita wave […]

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends

The Noble Collection has some really lovely, though quite expensive, Harry Potter licensed collectibles. One of them that caught my eye is this set of bookends. As you can see they depict the Hogwarts Express entering and exiting a tunnel: They look really impressive. According to the official site they’re hand painted and are each […]

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Darth Vader Ice Cubes

Darth Vader ice cubes? Yes – you can have those if you want them.. But if ice cubes aren’t your “thing” you can use the moulds to make chocolates – use dark chocolate and you can move closer to the dark side even! 🙂 More on them over on ThinkGeek  

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The bike from Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider Motorcycle

The bike from the 2007 movie Ghost Rider may not be the kind of vehicle you’d want to use every day of the week, but it’s still one of the more memorable vehicles from a movie – especially when it bursts into flames

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