Political Tshirts With Bite

The 2016 US presidential campaign has been dominating the media on both sides of the Atlantic for months. No matter which way you might lean politically it’s probably fair to say that this election cycle has been particularly tough and divisive. This t-shirt design from T-Shirt Hell sums it up nicely: You can grab it […]

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Smaug Incense Burner

Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved Smaug. I had a paperback copy of The Hobbit which featured Smaug lying on the treasure on the front cover. I probably still have it somewhere… Over the years I’ve picked up a few Smaug themed items, but this incense burner really caught my eye. It […]

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keyboard shaped waffle iron

Geeky Keyboard Waffles

I’ll have to admit that I’m not a big fan of waffles, though I will eat them from time to time. However this waffle iron piqued my interest, as its design is so incredibly geeky! The end product will, of course, look like a keyboard, which means it’s probably about double the size of a […]

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends

The Noble Collection has some really lovely, though quite expensive, Harry Potter licensed collectibles. One of them that caught my eye is this set of bookends. As you can see they depict the Hogwarts Express entering and exiting a tunnel: They look really impressive. According to the official site they’re hand painted and are each […]

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Death Star Measuring Cups

If you’re a Star Wars fan AND you like cooking then maybe this might appeal to you. You too can measure your flour and other ingredients using these Death Star measuring cups: When they’re not in use they all fit neatly together and can all be stored in the Death Star (obviously) The measuring cups […]

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Game of Thrones Monopoly

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and also like Monopoly then there’s no reason why you can’t combine your two passions. You can now get your hands on a collector’s edition of Monopoly that is 100% Game of Thrones themed. Just look at the tokens: The theme extends to all facets of the game […]

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Volkswagen bus key ring with wall mounted garage

VW Camper Van Key Chain

The classic Volkswagen camper van / bus is probably best remembered in popular culture as a hippy icon. I have vague recollections of various friends of the family still driving them in the early 1980s, though these days you’re more likely to see one in an automobile museum than on the road. So this gimmicky […]

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