Lord of the Rings Gandalf Prints

Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” has inspired artists for years. With the screen adaptation of both “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” by Peter Jackson the world of Middle Earth came to capture the imagination of an entirely new generation. So this weekend’s special limited release prints from Matt Ferguson is probably a bit […]

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star wars death star paper lantern light shade

Star Wars Death Star Paper Light Shade

I’m not sure if I’d want this light shade in my bedroom, but if you had a couple of model X-Wings or a TIE fighter then you could almost create a kind of diorama .. It’s a paper lantern style light shade, so the death star design is just printed directly on the paper. It’s […]

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Star Wars themed light switch sticker dark side / light side

Some Star Wars Fun in the Home

While these are supposedly aimed at children, I can see quite a few “big kids” wanting these for their homes as well. They’re simple stickers that you can put on any light switch. The ones depicted are “dark side”, with a TIE fighter, while the “light side” shows the silhouette of an X-Wing from the […]

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Coffee + Star Wars = Perfection

I’m a coffee addict. I’ll freely admit it. As a result of my addiction I’ve ended up with both a nice collection of coffee mugs as well as a good range of different coffee making apparatus. Most of the coffee making equipment I have is more practical than aesthetic, though my recently acquired Kalita wave […]

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Political Tshirts With Bite

The 2016 US presidential campaign has been dominating the media on both sides of the Atlantic for months. No matter which way you might lean politically it’s probably fair to say that this election cycle has been particularly tough and divisive. This t-shirt design from T-Shirt Hell sums it up nicely: You can grab it […]

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Smaug Incense Burner

Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved Smaug. I had a paperback copy of The Hobbit which featured Smaug lying on the treasure on the front cover. I probably still have it somewhere… Over the years I’ve picked up a few Smaug themed items, but this incense burner really caught my eye. It […]

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keyboard shaped waffle iron

Geeky Keyboard Waffles

I’ll have to admit that I’m not a big fan of waffles, though I will eat them from time to time. However this waffle iron piqued my interest, as its design is so incredibly geeky! The end product will, of course, look like a keyboard, which means it’s probably about double the size of a […]

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